Arkk Copenhagen


  • We present the 100th edition of the flagship model of the Danish brand Arkk Copenhagen, the fabulous Arkk Raven, which has a special colorway, celebrating this launch, in which a camo print desert has been used, achieving magnificent finishes for this silhouette, symbol of this young brand.

    120,00 €
  • The new Arkk Scorpitex presents a fabulous design, in the purest Arkk Copenhagen style, this new sneaker, provides a unique style coupled with the great comfort they get their combination of materials, Arkk boys Copenhagen has returned to get a silhouette that sets them apart of the rest, with some magnificent finishes.

    135,00 €
  • We present a new design of the Danish brand Arkk Copenhagen, the new Arkk Spyqon, a breakthrough design, with the characteristic style of the brand, a very light sneaker and that provides great comfort, thanks to its upper FutureGrid one-piece, You can also find it in color combinations as effective as this one.

    135,00 €
  • The iconic Arkk Raven returns in this magnificent colorway, as part of the new SS-18 collection of the Danish brand, an emblem of the brand, which has become an indispensable piece from the beginning, becoming a clear reference of style , as demonstrated by this fabulous combination of color and materials.

    110,00 €
  • We started to receive the new Spring Summer collection from the Danish brand Arkk Copenhagen, a brand that is committed to a minimalist design in each of its designs, making clear reference to the Nordic style, getting models as spectacular as this Arkk Scorpitex, a sneaker with a exceptional design.

    135,00 €
  • We present a new version of the new Arkk Eaglezero S-E15 model, in this new version has been used a nylon braid for the manufacture of the upper, achieving a new aesthetic for this sneaker, in case it has been presented in a combination of very effective color, which completes this new delivery.

    93,00 € Reduced price!
  • One of the basic pillars of the Scandinavian brand Arkk Copenhagen, the model of senaker Arkk Raven, that in this occasion we can find it in a combination of very correct color, using a combination of shades gray, that completely cover the silhouette, with some tint in black, in addition to very good materials.

    69,30 € Reduced price!
  • Arkk Copenhagen has become the revelation brand of the year 2016, presenting its own style, with sneakers of impeccable quality, loads of design and a very competitive price, are details that have led him to be one of the best selling brands, a sample of his work is this fabulous Arkk Raven.

    94,50 € Reduced price!
  • You can already find the new collection of the Swedish brand Arkk Copenhagen, an impressive collection, in which we can see its flagship model, made with a selection of high quality materials, getting a sneaker premium of very good quality, and offer a colorways wide selection.

    115,00 € Reduced price!
  • From Copenhagen comes a brand that has revolutionized the sneaker industry in the past 2015, Arkk, a young brand that has seen an amazing growth, thanks in part to high-quality details, like this excellent model of sneakers called Arkk Raven, the indispensable part of their new collections.

    69,30 € Reduced price!
  • We present one of the new silhouettes created by the Danish brand Arkk, the model of shoes Leopard, a work of art out of studies of the Scandinavian brand, a model of shoes that perfectly combines a masterful design, with an excellent selection of colors and materials.

    80,00 € Reduced price!