• One brand that has surprised us in these recent seasons, by the rapid expansion that has taken has certainly been Diadora in this new Spring Summer 2016 we have a sample of the excellent work done, the silhouette S8000 manufactured entirely in Italy.

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  • The Italian brand Diadora presents another fabulous colorway model retro sneakers N9000, this time taking advantage of the new season Spring Summer 2016, presented this fantastic colorway a print camo, achieved with different shades of blue, combined with white and Red.

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  • Diadora has positioned itself as one of the brands most growth reflected in recent years, a brand with a lot of history that has managed to re-enter the game in a very remarkable way, this time we have this excellent colorway retro silhouette V7000, one of the most sought silhouettes.

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  • Introducing the new silhouette of the Italian brand Diadora, this time include in its new collection model retro sneakers IC4000, an excellent shoe that is presented in a combination of very accurate color, it is also made of high quality materials, they get excellent finishes.

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  • Diadora presents part of what will be his new collection for the new season Spring Summer 2016, she can find things so great as this fabulous colorway sneaker sneakers model V7000, with finishes and materials of excellent quality.

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  • Discovered part of the new Spring Summer 2016 Italian brand Diadora, where we can find high-quality details, as is this fabulous colorway model sneaker sneakers N9000, this time with the hallmark of being manufactured as integrated in Italy.

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  • The Italian brand Diadora also thinks about the female audience and presented us this great retro model called Titan Pois shoes made of premium materials that give you that finishing so characteristic of the Italian brand that you can find in our shop on clothes and shoes The line Point.

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  • The Italian brand Diadora strikes again making one of his classic silhouettes with Knit fabric, giving this retro classic an amazing image, a great success of the boys Diadora, using the latest and most innovative materials to get your classic acquire another ultimate aesthetics.

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  • From Italy the Diadora brand introduces new additions to its collection Spring Summer 2016, from which we can draw this excellent colorway of one of its most representative retro silhouettes, as is the great Diadora N9000, the flagship of the Heritage brand line Italian.

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  • Diadora presents the first strokes of his new collection designed for the next season Autumn Winter 2016/17, which can extract this fabulous colorway retro model V7000 Diadora shoes, this time entirely manufactured in Italy, with quality and terminations excellent.

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  • One brand that has been on an upward trajectory in this last season, thanks to its policy of collaboration, partnering with the most relevant scenario sneaker stores around the world, her new collection for Fall Winter arrives at The Point with its most representative models.

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  • The Italian brand Diadora presents another fabulous colorway model retro sneakers N9000, presented in a combination of materials and dramatic colors, a model that has become the centerpiece of the Heritage collection of this fabulous brand, which already have available our online store.

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  • The Italian brand Diadora presents his first touches of the new Spring Summer 2016 collection, this time one of his most representative silhouettes, shoes N9000 model manufactured entirely in Italy, premium materials and finishes that close to perfection.

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