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  • The mark "Swift River" presents a new set of three colorways the called "Derby Pack", inspired by the famous Kentucky Derby, held every first Saturday in May, in this excellent pack can find this wonderful combination of color, It is also made from premium materials.

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  • Saucony is synonymous with comfort and a magnificent response, this time as part of the new collection for Spring Summer 2016, we are pleased to have this fabulous colorway model sneakers shoes Grid 9000, a combination of colors and materials amazing.

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  • One of the figures that more followers drag in the sneaker industry, this time the American brand Saucony, has prepared the magnificent "Microdot Pack" three great colorways for this retro classic with a print dot, which offers a stunning aesthetic, achieving some results of a high quality.

    79,00 € Reduced price!
  • Saucony is one of the brands with more history than we have available in our catalog sneaker, a brand with over 100 years of history, which was one of the pioneers in offering a shoe created for the practice of running only, today we present as special gems like this Grid 9000.

    89,00 € Reduced price!
  • As each new season the brand "rapid river" presents its fabulous premium packs, this time have paid tribute to the strong tradition in the United States, to find Easter eggs, preparing three fabulous colorways for retro silhouette Saucony Shadow 6000, with excellent results.

    81,00 € Reduced price!
  • Another component of Saucony's new "Dirty Snow Part 2", one of the most popular silhouettes, the magnificent Saucony Grid 8000, is one of the first silhouettes to incorporate the GRID system in its midsole, offering impeccable comfort, Also this time has materials of a great quality.

    130,00 €
  • Saucony presents another fabulous pack of its Premium line where we can find a model of shoes the great Shadow 6000, this time the pack has been called "Egg Hunt", referring to the search for Easter eggs, a long tradition in the U.S.

    81,00 € Reduced price!
  • The American brand Saucony presents another fabulous pack of its premium line, this time we have one of their models more representative slippers, fabulous Saucony Shadow 6000, made with a selection of high quality materials and presented in a combination of spectacular colors.

    81,00 € Reduced price!
  • One of the brands with more history than we have at our online store, Saucony, has become a benchmark within the retro industry running with shoes as mythical as this fabulous Saucony Grid Sd, part of the last pack launched by the American brand, called "Derby Pack".

    94,50 € Reduced price!
  • Saucony presents this fabulous colorway for Dxn Trainer footwear model, a combination of materials and color spectacular with a premium finish that will leave very surprised, this model of shoes has become a reference in each new collection of American brand Saucony.

    80,00 € Reduced price!
  • Trainer Dxn silhouette of Saucony is part of the special collection for the brand prepared for this Autumn Winter 2015/16 season, a key that can be found in such special combinations as presented below, a careful selection of materials and colors really impressive.

    69,00 € Reduced price!
  • Ron Dixon was the artifice of creating this fabulous retro silhouette, one of the best long distance runners with an enviable record, but unfortunately suffered a terrible accident and died very young, Saucony in honor of this great hall created the Trainer Dxn silhouette.

    70,00 € Reduced price!
  • The excellent model of retro sneakers Trainer Dxn the Saucony brand is now available as part of the new Spring Summer 2016 US Saucony brand and can be found in color combinations and as special as the material that follows.

    70,00 € Reduced price!
  • One of the most recognizable symbols of the Saucony brand in its line Heritage, now presented in a colorway designed for the female audience with a combination of excellent colors for the new season Spring Summer 2016, not to mention the excellent combination of materials.

    83,30 € Reduced price!
  • Saucony presents his novel "Derby Pack" consisting of three excellent colorways for the silhouette Grid Sd, inspired by the famous horse race that takes place in the United States the first Saturday in May, this time an excellent colorway pack, manufactured with high quality materials.

    94,50 € Reduced price!
  • Saucony presents a new pack, consisting of three colorways pattern retro shoes Grid 9000 a pack they have called "Microdot" a magnificent selection of materials and colors for one of its most representative models, achieving unique results, they will leave you surprised.

    79,00 € Reduced price!
  • Saucony always keeps an ace up his sleeve, as a good example of this gives us this fabulous colorway belonging to "Microdot Pack" very successful materials and a color selection that does not leave indifferent, no doubt this Sauconyy Grid 9000, has a amazing aesthetics, you can not stop looking.

    79,00 € Reduced price!
  • Like every new Saucony brand delivery, we are pleased to offer one of their premium packs, this time called "Public Gardens", for which they have used one of their most representative retro sneaker models, the excellent Saucony Grid Sd, Presented in three different colorways, of great quality.

    99,00 € Reduced price!
  • We present the first brushstrokes of Saucony for this new year 2017, with a sneaker that has left us gaping, the fabulous Grid 9000, which is part of the "Liberty Pack", a unique silhouette, which has been made with premium materials, getting a few Finishes that touch perfection, without a doubt a magnificent entry of the year.

    140,00 €
  • Saucony surprises us at this beginning of the year with the fabulous "Liberty Pack", a set of two amazing colorways for the quintessential retro silhouette of the brand, the fabulous Grid 9000, a selection of magnificent materials, combined with very successful colors, achieving Amazing results, impeccable work.

    140,00 €