• New Balance also has quality details for the little ones, this time we present the classic retro 580, made with high quality materials and presented in a successful colorway, a sneaker delight, which is part of the new Spring Summer collection 2017, the leading brand in retro running.

    75,00 €
  • One of the models most used by the Oregon brand in these last campaigns, the classic of the 00, is presented this time in a combination designed for the little ones, achieving a brutal similarity, with the adult model, a delicacy that Nike Has prepared for this new collection.

    70,00 €
  • One of the unstoppable classics of the American brand Nike, the incombustible Nike Air Huarache Run, which has become the best selling silhouette in this year 2016, this time we have an excellent colorway in which a red color has been used intense to cover the whole silhouette, achieving an excellent result.

    95,00 €
  • Nike offers its retro classic most representative designed for smaller versions, as in the case of this excellent colorway model of Nike Air Max 90, presented in an amazing colored monkey colorway, using a dark blue color, completely covering the entire silhouette.

    39,00 € Reduced price!
  • Nike presents this fabulous colorway designed for smaller, used in one of its retro classic most representative, as is the fabulous Nike Air Max 90, "total white" impeccable, offering this classic an impressive aesthetic and already they can enjoy the smallest of the house.

    30,00 € Reduced price!
  • The smallest of the house are lucky, New Balance has prepared an excellent combination of materials and colors for one of their retro classic most representative, as is the great 574, a symbol of the brand of Boston, which is already possible to find sizes available for children of all ages.

    30,00 € Reduced price!
  • A new colorway for child presents the American brand New Balance, this time used the retro silhouette 574, one of the models most representative shoe brand, using high-quality materials and a more than successful combination of colors, achieving fabulous results.

    27,50 € Reduced price!
  • A version for the smallest of the house of one of the most special retro silhouettes American brand New Balance, the model of retro sneakers 574, is presented in this new Spring Summer 2016 collection in a combination of colors and materials amazing that sure you will love.

    30,00 € Reduced price!
  • The new Spring Summer 2016 New Balance child has an excellent variety of retro classics most representative, presented in color combinations and amazing materials, as this wonderful colorway model retro sneakers 574, a symbol of the American brand.

    30,00 € Reduced price!
  • One of the most iconic silhouettes files New Balance, a model that was designed for the Asian market, in a first entered this market later and transferred to American and European markets, with the same good results in this we have an excellent opportunity for child colorway.

    30,00 € Reduced price! Out of stock
  • We present a version of the retro classic New Balance 580 intended for children, the youngest now have the ability to put on one of the most representative models of the history of the American brand, it is also presented in an excellent selection of materials and colors.

    30,00 € Reduced price!
  • The American brand New Balance presents this fabulous version of the retro classic 574 for child, a single model shoes and the most recognizable of the American brand, presented in a combination of colors and very successful materials and with a Velcro closure for a comfortable wearing.

    31,50 € Reduced price!
  • Le Coq Sportif presents this fabulous colorway models retro shoes R900, designed for smaller, excellent colorway in which has been used a black base color, combined with a white color, very successful materials for this new season spring Summer 2016.

    50,00 €
  • We present this fabulous reproduction model R900 LCS retro sneakers Le Coq Sportif, this time manufactured in sizes for children, with impeccable finishing, making this shoe something unique and special, with all details of the adult model, and sensational quality.

    25,00 € Reduced price!
  • One of the living legends of the brand New Balance, this time designed by and for the little ones, with spectacular finishes, a Velcro fastener for greater comfort in every setting, and a wonderful selection of colors that make this shoe a perfect choice for this season.

    55,00 €
  • We have this great colorway of the retro classic 574 New Balance, a product designed for smaller colorway, where we see a combination of outstanding colors plus a fine selection of materials that make this classic an excellent choice for face this new season.

    30,00 € Reduced price!
  • We have this fabulous colorway retro model of Air Max 90 shoes, this time with a curve to size comprising between European sizes from 28 to 35, made of high quality materials, and using a very successful colorway for this new Autumn Winter 2015 season in which we find ourselves.

    30,00 € Reduced price!
  • The American brand Nike presents this fabulous colorway for child of one of its most representative models in recent times, the model Roshe Run shoes in a spectacular combination of colors and materials, with stunning finishes, a magnificent reproduction of the model adult.

    31,50 € Reduced price!
  • The collection of shoes for children of the German brand Puma has come to our shop slippers sneakers The Point, it is as one of the models retrorunning Puma returns to be edited for the children, the Puma shoe model TX- 3 maintains the retro line that we like.

    28,60 € Reduced price!
  • We have available in our online store shoes Saucony whole line dedicated and designed for the children, which from now on will also enjoy excellent facilities and guarantees comfort that gives us a shoe like this leading brand manufacture of sports shoes.

    30,00 € Reduced price!