Fila Sneakers for Woman

  • The silhouette that has become the revelation of this year 2018, the fabulous Fila Disruptor has a new range of colors, on the occasion of the new collection the Italian brand is committed to a new combination of materials, together with a very colorful palette effective, as this combination that we present.

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  • The Italian brand Fila presents the new collection Autumn Winter 2018-19, which as it could not be otherwise, we find one of the silhouettes that has had the greatest impact in recent months, we are talking about the Fila Disruptor silhouette, which This new campaign is presented in color combinations as attractive as this one.

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  • The Italian brand Fila, presents again one of the most demanded silhouettes in styles last months, the acclaimed Fila Disruptor Low, a silhouette that has earned itself to be one of the most sold, an unmistakable style of the 90s, that you can already find in several color combinations, as effective as this one.

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  • One of the sneakers that are going to mark the next seasons, in the feminine sector, that is rolling up between the female audience, the new Fila Disruptor Low, a fabulous silhouette, in which high quality materials have been employed, accompanied by a selection of infallible colors, a great bet for this new campaign FW 17-18.

    49,00 € Reduced price!

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