Saucony Sneakers for Woman

  • The most emblematic model of the American brand Saucony, a classic that has become a cultural icon, which can not be missing in each new collection that the brand introduces into the market, in this new Spring Summer 2019 campaign, we find color combinations and effective materials like this one that we present to you.

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  • An essential classic in the new collections of the American brand Saucony, one of its pillars and the beginning of an era that lasts until today, the classic Saucony Jazz Original, has become one of the referring silhouettes of Saucony, which offers us new combinations of color and materials as effective as this one.

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  • One of the must-haves in each new Saucony American brand collection, the classic Saucony DXN Trainer, a piece of brand history and a silhouette created by the legendary runner Rod Dixon, a silhouette that presents excellent finishes and aesthetics, as shown this infallible colorway.

    49,00 € Reduced price!
  • Saucony also thinks about its followers and in this new Spring Summer 2018 collection, we can find this magnificent colorway, one of its most representative silhouettes of the Pennsylvania brand, the mythical Saucony DXN Trainer, a sneaker that provides an amazing comfort, in addition to that unmistakable retro style.

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