Nike Sportswear 1992 Negro

Nike Sportswear 1992 Black

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Nike Sportswear 1992 Black. As always, the American brand Nike has a line of textile accessories, which are the best clothes, designed for proper training, an example of this is this fabulous sweatshirt, a pledge in which they have used fine fabrics plus a careful design quality, achieving a perfect combination of both, offering a number of features that make it a very versatile garment.

This time we present a sweatshirt, which used a black color as a main element of the garment, we can see occupying much of the garment, on the front of it, we have the logo 1992 we can see in a combination of black and white, in one of the sleeves are the brand logo of Oregon, also this garment is garment has two side zips, with which a better fit, materials that have been used in the making this sweatshirt, they have been a combination of cotton and polyester, with which it is achieved, functionality and comfort in high doses.

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