Zapatillas New Balance CT300 SPB "Made In England"

Sneakers New Balance CT300 SPB "Made In England"

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New Balance CT300 SPB "Made In England". One model that revolutionized the practice of tennis 70s, CT300 model of New Balance shoes, has magnificent facilities, of which we can take advantage of these days, as well as always use high-quality materials quality is joined by the superb selection of colors that have been used to manufacture a model of shoes unlike anything seen on the market, enough to seduce the most demanding customer quality.

This time we present a magnificent colorway in which we can see a medium blue as the main element of the shoe, combined with a lighter shade of blue and white accents color, the latter can see it occupying the entire surface of the midsole , materials that have been used in the manufacture of this classic retro fab have been selected premium suede combined with mesh panels, details skin ay lis synthetic fabric, in its midsole can vulcanized rubber was used as the main material .

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