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Asics Gel Lyte V Blue Sand

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Asics Gel Lyte Blue Sand. A silhouette that has been used in recent years by the most important stores around the world for his collaborations, desired by many, this retro sneaker was introduced by the Japanese brand Asics in 1993, continuing the GEL series, a day today it has become an object of desire for senakerheads around the world, a shoe that offers excellent performance, great comfort, provided by your GEL system, or the inner sock neoprene, also it has an unstoppable retro look, It is highlighting an outstanding way.

This time we present a colorway in which has been used a base of medium blue as the main base of the shoe, we can see filling most of the upper, combining perfectly with a color sand, we have seen in the "tiger stripes" in the interior of the shoe can see a dark blue color, while in the midsole a white color covers completely the whole area, the materials used in the manufacture of this retro sneaker, have been selected premium suede, which has been combined with mesh panels, details in smooth leather and various synthetic fabrics, the midsole has been used expanded EVA, achieving weight reduction of a very remarkably, while the GEL system it is responsible for providing all the necessary comfort.

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