Jason Markk


  • One of the key products in the range of Jason Markk, is this fantastic microfiber towel, an indispensable product for proper cleaning of our sneakers, and can be used to dry the shoes once used cleaning solution of the American brand.

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  • We present a formula for preserving our sneakers and shiny and new at all times, the American brand Jason Markk reach The Point Selected Sneakers, with its range of specialized services for the proper maintenance of our precious sneakers so you can enjoy them for long products.

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  • We added to our catalog brand cleaning products specializing in sneakers Markk Jason, one of the pioneers in making an effective cleaning product in our beloved sneakers, this time we present the basic kit, which includes the cleaning liquid, and brush midsole.

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  • Who has not ever asked to do when you go down the street without warning our most desired sneakers stained, is no longer a problem, we present a new solution created by Jason Markk and called Quick Wipes, some wipes with cleaning solution brand, infallible against these contingencies.

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  • We present one of the latest products to be added to the catalog of Jason Markk, a new product which allows you to have 24 hour protection once sprayed on your sneakers, it is very simple just follow a few small steps for proper use and enjoys sneakers that repel dirt for 24 hours.

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  • The American brand Jason Markk has created a range of specialized products properly clean our shoes, an extensive catalog of products where we can find everything you need to keep our sneaker more precious as the first day, an infallible weapon that can not miss .

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