• One of the key products in the range of Jason Markk, is this fantastic microfiber towel, an indispensable product for proper cleaning of our sneakers, and can be used to dry the shoes once used cleaning solution of the American brand.

    15,00 €
  • A brand born in 2012, and created by a group of friends trying to give customers a finished product, with luxury finishes, but always taking care of the final sales price to get a guaranteed success formula, with this idea we present Mr. Boho.

    55,00 €
  • We incorporate our product catalog Spanish brand of sunglasses Mr. Boho, this brand born in 2012, has managed to offer the customer a product of superb quality, with high quality finishes, and all this at a price unmatched, under the distinctive Made In Italy we present Mr. Boho.

    51,00 €
  • We incorporate our accessories section mark Mr.Boho sun glasses, a brand born in Spain, created by a group of friends decided they had something more to say in this sector, they set to work and created this selection product, with spectacular finishes.

    51,00 €
  • Land on The Point Selected Sneakers Spanish brand of sunglasses Mr. Boho, a young brand that has created a high quality product at an extremely competitive price, all glasses are made in Italy, one of the largest producers of this product worldwide.

    51,00 €
  • One of the emerging brands that surprised us by its great finishes and high quality product has been undoubtedly the Spanish brand Mr. Boho, a brand founded in 2012 and has since climbed the rankings thanks to a mentality creative and at a low cost premium product.

    51,00 €
  • The Spanish brand of sunglasses Mr. Boho presents its new Spring Summer 2015 collection a fantastic safely where we can find the most suitable option for their needs, with a range of options all with a finish of scandal, and an almost ridiculous price.

    51,00 €
  • We added to our catalog complements the brand of sunglasses Mr. Boho, a brand that advocates a premium product at a reduced price. This young brand was formed in 2012 as part of a project created by a group of friends who decided to bring something new and balanced.

    51,00 €
  • This Spanish brand has been created with a single claim, get offer the public a product so in demand as sunglasses of high quality, but at a more than competitive price, this brand makes its entire line of sunglasses in Italy.

    51,00 € Out of stock
  • We present a formula for preserving our sneakers and shiny and new at all times, the American brand Jason Markk reach The Point Selected Sneakers, with its range of specialized services for the proper maintenance of our precious sneakers so you can enjoy them for long products.

    12,00 € Out of stock
  • We added to our catalog brand cleaning products specializing in sneakers Markk Jason, one of the pioneers in making an effective cleaning product in our beloved sneakers, this time we present the basic kit, which includes the cleaning liquid, and brush midsole.

    19,00 € Out of stock
  • Who has not ever asked to do when you go down the street without warning our most desired sneakers stained, is no longer a problem, we present a new solution created by Jason Markk and called Quick Wipes, some wipes with cleaning solution brand, infallible against these contingencies.

    15,00 € Out of stock
  • We present one of the latest products to be added to the catalog of Jason Markk, a new product which allows you to have 24 hour protection once sprayed on your sneakers, it is very simple just follow a few small steps for proper use and enjoys sneakers that repel dirt for 24 hours.

    17,00 € Out of stock
  • The American brand Jason Markk has created a range of specialized products properly clean our shoes, an extensive catalog of products where we can find everything you need to keep our sneaker more precious as the first day, an infallible weapon that can not miss .

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  • We added to our catalog of snap caps famous brand New Era, presented to us to begin this fabulous hat belonging to the 59Fifty line, one of the most exclusive lines of the American brand, which can already be found in our online store, with quality details like this.

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  • We have a new brand in our catalog, name brand clothes and caps New Era, which will extract the most exclusive products of this fantastic brand, this time we present a high quality cap belonging to his line 59Fifty, one prodcuto high quality and finishes.

    38,00 € Out of stock
  • New Era has positioned itself as one of the most important in the manufacture of caps quality brands, as we have this fabulous hat with the team logo baseball New York Yankees, excellent product made of high quality materials, achieving finishes excellent.

    25,00 € Out of stock
  • One of the marks relating to sports equipment, New Era has become the largest producer of hats in the world, getting the licenses of the best teams and sports leagues, a good example of this is this fabulous hat classic style, with curved visor and excellent finishes.

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  • We present one of the caps that are part of the manufactured at the launch of the movie Batman Vs Superman, which the American brand manufactures series each and every one of them, a cap of high quality, for which was used 39THIRTY profile, a curved visor and high quality materials.

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  • One brand reference in the manufacture of caps high quality American brand New Era has a long experience in manufacturing such products, the main holder of the licenses of the best teams and sports leagues around all the world.

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